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Konsentus Verify

Confidently participate in secure open data exchange.

With Konsentus Verify, protect your customers by ensuring only authorised organisations can access your open banking and open finance APIs.

Protecting Open Data Exchange

Enabling data providers be both open and secure

With Konsentus, be both open and secure when engaging with other ecosystem participants requesting access to your customers’ data and funds.

Our Award-Winning SaaS solution, Konsentus Verify, provides our customers with real-time identity and permissions checking services.

Scalable, extendable and robust, we empower our customers to automatically validate the identity and permissions of any access requests in real-time.

By applying the applicable rules, whether regulatory, scheme or bi-lateral, we enable our customers to make the right decision each time an access request is received.

A trusted solution

Enabling Seamless Interactions

We remove the complexities and investment of designing, building, testing and maintaining a proprietary solution. Our built-for-purpose service is cost-effective, easy to implement and conforms with on-going changes in standards.

Operational Efficiency

No need to develop or maintain a proprietary solution.
Be free from future resource requirements.

A Standardised Approach

Apply your rules and logic to a common approach.
Enjoy data normalisation fed by complex external systems.

A Scalable Solution

Grow confidently knowing our system has the capacity to expand as your volumes grow.
Rely on the constancy of our service.

Protect Data and Funds

Enable your customers to transact with ease

Our real-time checking services are the control and governance to ensure unauthorised third parties (TPPs) are never given access to end user account data or funds.


We identify and validate that Data Requestors are who they say they are so data providers can establish secure communication.

In Open Banking, these Data Requestors are regulated Third Party Providers (TPPs); in Open Finance, these are Scheme Participants (regulated and non-regulated);  and in bi-lateral arrangements, these are Partners, Suppliers and Customers. But this is only part of the story – it’s critical to also check the permissions of these participants at the time of a transaction request to prevent any data or funds getting into the wrong hands.


We ensure Data Requestors have the appropriate permissions for the services and type of data being requested and the jurisdiction of the request.

Whatever the circumstance we ensure the right rules and governance are followed to ensure access is only ever given to approved participants and they can only carry out services for which they have the required permissions.

Using Konsentus Verify gives data providers complete confidence to make the right decision each time an API access request is made.

Build-out from Konsentus Verify

Complementary Solutions

Extend your protection through our ancillary services and seamlessly move from open banking into open finance and beyond.​

Certificate Chain Service

The Konsentus Certificate Chain Service enables your network-level security through the provision of an easily accessible trust chain store.

Trusted Organisation Lists

Konsentus' Trusted Organisation Lists allow our customers to manage all their API access requests in one place. 

Transparency Directory

The Konsentus Transparency Directory enables those transacting within open ecosystems to easily find the required information to engage with each other for queries and dispute management processing. 

Built for Purpose

Designed by subject matter experts against a complex and ever-changing landscape.

Extensible & Versatile

A core platform with complementary and extending services, supporting you on your open journey.

Universally compatible

Agnostic to API standards and schemes, our system can incorporate and integrate with any data standards.

A Consistent Approach

Multiple databases and registers harmonised into a standardised and normalised data format for your convenience.

Confidence in Open Ecosystems

Why Konsentus Verify?

Designed for purpose, Konsentus Verify helps you to protect your customers’ data at every stage of your open journey but still participate in an open data environment.

Growing and scaling as your requirements evolve, Verify provides the corner-stone of your secure ecosystem.  Implement with minimal resource and enjoy the ongoing benefits of adding our subject –matter expertise to your value chain. 

We Care about our end-to-end Service

Supporting our Verify Customers throughout their Open Data Journey

We provide the highest level of support to our customers. Whether that’s through our interactive customer portal providing insight into your transactional data, or more specific technical support through our expert helpdesk team.

Customer Portal

Our easy-to-navigate, standardised, online customer portal provides a quick and easy way to search for authorised entities and their regulatory permissions. Enjoy full ownership of your Konsentus Verify data by having complete access to your transaction history whenever you need it.

Help Desk

Benefit from the expertise of our instant access helpdesk team to guide you through any queries and questions. Simply choose the topic of support required to enable a fast resolution and save valuable time in manual desk research.


Try out our simple API integration to experience our technology first-hand. See the data quality and responses delivered in our secure sandbox environment. Use the output to refine your design, and enjoy ongoing testing throughout the lifecycle of your relationship with us.​

Want to know more?

Find out what Konsentus Verify can do for you today​.

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Find out how our technology can protect your customers within open ecosystems.



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