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Bankdata selects Konsentus as a supplier of PSD2 Open Banking TPP identity & regulatory checking solutions

Bankdata, a leading IT Financial Services company, owned by 9 Danish banks, selects Konsentus as a supplier of PSD2 Open Banking TPP identity & regulatory checking solutions

9th July 2020: Konsentus announced today that IT Financial Services company, Bankdata, has selected Konsentus to provide Third Party Provider (TPP) regulatory & checking services to all their customers in Denmark.

PSD2 is an EEA regulation enabling payment users to have better control of and access to their transactional account data by giving regulated third-party providers the ability to initiate payments and access customer account data.

Konsentus Verify is the only SaaS based API solution in the market providing Financial Institutions with real-time Third-Party Provider (TPP) identity & regulatory checking services.  When a Financial Institution gives access to a TPP through their dedicated interface, they need to be confident that they are not putting their customers’ data at risk. Konsentus Verify can be easily integrated alongside existing risk solutions to protect Financial Institutions and their end customers from the risk of Open Banking fraud.

Bankdata is one of the largest financial IT development houses in Denmark, providing complete IT solutions for the financial sector.  Owned by nine Danish banks, their owners are also their customers.

Senior Consultant, Allan M. Thomsen, Bankdata stated: “We select new technologies to help our banks grow and remain competitive.  Our customers need to be confident that they can participate in the Open Banking ecosystem without exposing themselves to the risks of fraud.  Konsentus Verify complements our existing risk tools by ensuring that our customers only ever provide data to Third Party Providers who are regulated and have explicit end user consent for their data to be used.”

Mike Woods, CEO at Konsentus, commented: “Bankdata creates, implements and runs high quality IT systems. We are delighted they recognised that Konsentus Verify can provide their customers with a safe and secure Open Banking solution protecting them from the risk of fraud.”

Bankdata joins a fast-growing number of Financial Institutions using Konsentus Verify to prevent unauthorised or fraudulent TPPs being given access to end user transactional account data.

About Bankdata

Founded in 1966 and headquartered in Fredericia, Bankdata provides complete financial IT solutions and services to nine Danish banks and their 1.8 million customers and is one of the largest financial IT development houses in Denmark. Their comprehensive suite of IT solutions for the financial sector includes core banking and home banking platforms, tools for financial advisers, training, support, and maintenance. Bankdata employs 700 people across four locations in Denmark and India.


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About Konsentus

Konsentus provides confidence in Open Banking. Our Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, Konsentus Verify, consolidates data from a multitude of regulatory databases and registers, providing the information to our customers in real-time enabling them to comply with PSD2 Access-to-Account.  Issued through simple cloud-based RESTful APIs, our easy to implement service helps Financial Institutions reduce risk, limit liability and fight fraud by ensuring data is only ever given to legitimate and regulated Third-Party Providers (TPPs).

Headquartered in the UK, with operations across Europe, our world-class TPP identity and regulatory checking solution, Konsentus Verify, gives Financial Institutions the confidence they need to grow their business whilst knowing their customers are protected and they are delivering against regulatory requirements. Konsentus is ISO27001 certified.


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