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Watch Recording: Konsentus Q3 2020 TPP Open Banking Tracker

Q3 2020 TPP Tracker: Webinar Recording


This webinar discusses the latest open banking market developments, including the increase of TPPs and open banking-related transaction volumes as open banking moves out of its infancy more into the mainstream.

The data being discussed looks at the landscape a year on from the implementation of PSD2 Access-to-accounts, more commonly referred to today as open banking.

Although open banking is still very much in its infancy, this webinar draws attention to the EEA being very much a growing and thriving eco-system, set only to increase in size and transaction volumes as open banking becomes mainstream and a greater number of businesses and consumers use open banking services, as it delivers them both value and benefit.


  • Where we were at the end of Q2
  • What were our predictions?
  • Q3: September 2020. A year of PSD2 open banking
  • Where has the growth come from?
  • Projections for Q4
  • API calls: What volumes are we seeing today and how might they change over forthcoming months?

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