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Watch Recording: Open Banking – The hidden risks of using eIDAS checking for TPP identification

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Round table:  15 June 2021 at 1500 CET

eIDAS certificates are the identity credentials presented by third parties to financial institutions in order to gain access to account information or initiate payments. Our experts will discuss the differences between identification & authorisation and the potential costs of getting this wrong.


  • How do you verify a certificate and spot whether it is a good one or bad one?
  • What information is missing on an eIDAS certificate?
  • What are the potential pitfalls and the consequences of making a bad decision?

We will use examples to talk through the points above and share why Konsentus Verify has rejected some eIDAS certificates presented to us.

Any questions about our webinar, please contact and we will make sure to answer them.

Our experts will guide you through all you need to know, including:

– What PSD2 eIDAS certificates are used for and who the organisations are who can issue them
– How to check an eIDAS certificate and determine if it is valid
– The reasons why a certificate might not be a good one
– Information on the PSD2 roles within a certificate and what this tells you about the activities a TPP can perform
– Common misconceptions and dangers of relying on eIDAS certificates alone
– How to cross reference information within a certificate with other data sources to ensure you are a good data guardian
– Synchronisation of data sources