About Us

Konsentus was established to provide Third Party Provider (TPPs) identity & regulatory checking, ensuring Financial Institutions (FIs) are PSD2 open banking compliant. 

There are 9,000+ FIs in Europe that must comply with PSD2 open banking. Under PSD2 open banking an FI cannot deny access to a TPP if they are appropriately regulated; but how does an FI know if the TPPs are who they say they are and whether the TPPs are appropriately regulated.   Konsentus has developed a SaaS based solution using restful APIs capable of performing a check on every transaction,  Konsentus operates across all 31 National Competent Authorities working with the EBA TPP Register and 70+ QTSPs to ensure FIs never provide data to unregulated TPPs. The options are

  • EBA Register is not an online machine readable database
  • National Competent Authority Databases are not Machine Readable
  • National Competent Authorities have no legal obligation to notify Scheme Regulatory Databases other than a general published bulletin when they revoke a TPP
  • There are 70+ Qualified Trust Service Providers who issue eIDAS seal Certificates

Konsentus offers three services around PSD2 open banking:

  1. eIDAS Certificate Checking – Konsentus validates a TPPs eIDAS certificate(s) in real-time via the relevant QTSP. This gives the FI confidence that the TPP connecting to its open banking API is a PSD2 recognised service provider (i.e. proven identity).
  2. TPP Regulatory Checking – Konsentus holds a register of all regulated entities across Europe. Every time a TPP attempts to access an FIs open banking API, Konsentus checks in real-time the regulated status of the TPP and advises the FI as to what regulatory status is held and for what services.   This database is offered on a 1 hour SLA ensuring data is always the most up to date available.OAuth2.0
  3. Tokenisation Issuance & Management Services – For certain open banking services, PSD2 schema require FIs to issue OAuth2.0 tokens (Access Tokens) to TPPs.

All the services are supported by an immutable audit log, that provides the FI with a system of record of all actions and activity that took place.  Working both through partners or providing services directly, Konsentus is the leading TPP identity and regulatory checking solution in Europe.  The commercial structure is that the services are offered with no set-up or joining fee but with a service availability charge and a small transaction fee.

Headquartered in the UK, just outside of London in the M4 technology corridor our team of professionals are creating a world class solution for every FI in Europe.  We are delivering this through utilizing the best in open standards, coupled with unique solutions and most of all a belief that we can deliver for clients a cost effective solution to meet their regulatory requirements.