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Konsentus and Neonomics Announce Strategic Partnership

Neonomics’ clients to benefit from transaction account protection delivered by rapid deployment of TPP Identity and Regulatory checking service.

London, 21st May 2019: Konsentus, a RegTech company that delivers SaaS solutions to Financial Institutions to enable them to be PSD2 open banking compliant today announced a new strategic relationship with Neonomics. Neonomics, a FinTech company, facilitates PSD2-compliant inter-bank communication to thousands of banks via one unified API, including an account aggregation and payment initiation offerings. Clients of Neonomics will be able to access the Konsentus platform, thus ensuring they meet the new payment directive regulations, and safeguard their transaction account customers from unregulated or unauthorised third party providers.

“We wanted a partner that would allow our clients to simply plug in and go live. With Konsentus we have identified a unique proposition, that ensures our customers can quickly become PSD2 open banking compliant for their TPP Identity and Regulatory checking requirements.”

– Christoffer Andvig, CEO and Founder, Neonomics

“Neonomics is a market-leading platform with a significant customer base. The Konsentus solution will allow them to go live with their PSD2 open banking solutions confident that they will only ever provide data to a regulated TPP.”

– Mike Woods, CEO, Konsentus

Konsentus is the only live SaaS based API solution available to check TPP Identity and Regulatory status in the market. This is required each time TPPs access a Financial Institution through their dedicated interface. A rapidly increasing number of technology companies are recognising Konsentus as the only choice for delivering a critical solution for PSD2 TPP Identity & Regulatory checking and are partnering with Konsentus to service their own customer demands.

About Konsentus

Konsentus is a RegTech company that was established to provide consent & preference management services to financial institutions so that they can comply with PSD2 and open banking. Konsentus issue the consent management tokens on behalf of financial institutions through a SaaS platform, enabling them to comply with EU regulation and provide open banking services to their customers, confident in the knowledge that they are only providing data to Third Party Providers (TPPs) who are regulated, and have the customers “explicit” consent to use their data.

The company was founded by three Financial Service industry veterans seeking to deliver a simple and easy way FIs can comply with the new PSD2 regulations for open access.

Headquartered in the UK, just outside of London our team of professionals are creating a world class solution for every FI in Europe. We are delivering this through utilizing the best in open standards, coupled with unique solutions and most of all a belief that we can deliver for clients a cost-effective solution to their regulatory requirements.

About Neonomics

Neonomics is a FinTech company based in Oslo, Norway. Founded in 2016 as a direct response to the banking industry’s radical transition into open banking, Neonomics provides secure and seamless banking interconnectivity to an ever-growing network of banks, FIs and TPPs around the globe through one unified API. Authorized by the Norwegian FSA, the company provides account aggregation and payment initiation services powered by PSD2-compliant API technology un-reliant on screen scraping or reverse engineering.