Why use Konsentus

  1. Konsentus is the only secure SaaS platform that provides online, real-time open banking regulatory checking services:
    • Risk Management – provides the most up to date information on TPP regulatory status, thus reducing the FIs risk of providing data to an unregulated third-parties
    • Identity Management – validate the identity of TPPs ensuring fraudulent TPPs cannot access FIs APIs
    • Consent Management – Tokenisation services to meet the requirements of PSD2 schema use cases
    • Immutable Audit – provides FI with a system of record of all activity and actions that can be presented to a regulator if a dispute arises
  2. Removal of complexity – integration of RESTful APIs to deliver the above services, thus reducing significant costs for FIs to integrate to multiple regulatory and eIDAS databases
  3. Speed of implementation - dedicated SaaS solution that can be quickly and easily deployed
  4. Performance - service has been built to be deployed in a cloud based, micro services architecture to provide scalability, throughput and elasticity
  5. Reliability – resilient system design to underpin maximum availability and fault tolerant, live-live distributed architecture