The Konsentus service covers

  1. eIDAS Certificate Checking – Konsentus validates a TPPs eIDAS certificate(s) in real-time via the relevant QTSP. This gives the FI confidence that the TPP connecting to its open banking API is a PSD2 recognised service provider (i.e. proven identity).
  2. TPP Regulatory Checking – Konsentus holds a central register of all regulated entities across Europe. Every time a TPP attempts to access an FIs open banking API, Konsentus checks in real-time the regulated status of the TPP and advises the FI as to what regulatory status is held and for what services. Konsentus downloads, on a daily basis, the EBA register and continually monitors all 31 NCA databases to ensure that any change in TPP regulated status is reflected within the Konsentus platform.
  3. OAuth2.0 Tokenisation Issuance & Management Services – For certain open banking services, PSD2 schema require FIs to issue OAuth2.0 tokens (Access Tokens) to TPPs. The Access Tokens contain the consents granted to the TPP by the Payment Service User. Konsentus provides real-time issuance, checking & validation, and life cycle management of Access Tokens issued on behalf of the FI.

All the services are supported by an immutable audit log, that provides the FI with a system of record of all actions and activity that took place. This can used to demonstrate what activity took place to legal authorities and regulators in case of disputes.