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IBS Intelligence: Konsentus partners with Hampden & Co. for PSD2 implementation

Konsentus partners with Hampden & Co. for PSD2 implementation

UK-based regtech Konsentus has announced that it has been selected by private bank Hampden & Co. in a bid to assist the bank in their launch of an offering for PSD2 implementation. Hampden & Co. will integrate the supplier’s regulatory and identity checking solution.

Graeme Hartop, CEO Hampden & Co stated, “At Hampden & Co we aim to provide our clients with an exceptional banking service. While this is primarily delivered in person by our Private Bankers, we know that many of our clients also value the convenience that digital services can bring. This will enable our clients to take advantage of the freedoms offered by PSD2, while being confident they are receiving a secure and trusted experience. It has been great to work with Konsentus and to implement their straightforward solution.”

According to the supplier, the solution is expected to allow authorized and regulated third parties access to Hampden’s digital banking platform. The solution aims to check the identity and regulatory status of Third Party Providers, thus enabling the financial institutions to minimize risk and enhance their client service.

Mike Woods, CEO at Konsentus, commented, “We are delighted to provide our regulatory & checking services to Hampden & Co. By offering a fast, secure and easy to implement solution, we will enable Hampden & Co to provide their clients with an effortless experience, confident in the knowledge that account data will only ever be provided to third parties who are fully authorized.”

Recently, Ontario-based transaction processing solutions provider, Carta Worldwide, entered into a partnership with Konsentus in a bid to ensure the achievement of PSD2 Open Banking compliance by its clients.

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