Konsentus launches webinar series to assist Financial Institutions meet PSD2 open banking requirements

Oct 2, 2018

Konsentus, a RegTech solutions business who facilitate checking the identity and regulatory status of Third-Party Providers enabling Financial Institutions (FIs) to be PSD2 open banking compliant has launched a webinar series to support FIs as they rush to comply with PSD2 and open banking regulations.
The EBA recently stated about PSD2 open banking regulations that: “Ignorance of them can of course not be used to justify non-compliance”. Further adding: “Non-compliance amounts to a breach of law, with the resultant consequences for the legal entity.” 
With less than 6 months now until the deadline, this webinar series will address what PSD2 open banking is, and what FIs need to do to comply with the regulations.   The webinars will explore in detail the seven key elements an FI needs to deliver to meet the PSD2 open banking regulations: 
1. API Interface - live for 6 months prior to externally going live 2. Exemption certificate from NCA or fallback option 3. SCA solution 4. TPP regulatory checking 5. eIDAS Seal Certificate checking if operating in Europe 6. Access Token issuance 7. Management of Consents by PSU
Brendan Jones, Chief Commercial Officer of Konsentus comments; "These webinars will help those responsible for rolling out PSD2 open banking to fully understand what they need to do to meet the March 14 2019 deadline.   It's not far off now and there will be ramifications for those who are not compliant, therefore FIs who offer transactional accounts should join the webinar to learn how they can have their solution available for external testing within the timeframe." 
There are 3 webinars in the PSD2 Open Banking series:  • Prepaid and Debit Programme Managers - October 12 @ 10.00hrs BST • Small Banks and Credit Institutions - October 26 @ 10.00hrs BST • E-money Issuers - November 14 @ 10.00hrs GMT    To register, visit www.konsentus.com /webinars